Bio Page

Dennis Mason has always been an imitator of accents and a character actor even before he knew what that meant. During his first semester of high school in speech and debate class Miss Todd gave him a script she had been saving for years—waiting for someone who could do a British accent. He was a kid in the middle of the woods in Missouri, but his family had a satellite dish and it picked up broadcasts of Monty Python. He has never been the same since.

He went on to major in performance theatre in college. Through the years his collection of accents has grown. When he hears an interesting style of speech he just has to know how it's done.

Having signed up for voiceover coaching sessions in Manhattan originally, Dennis later sought more in-depth coaching back in New Jersey with the hugely knowledgeable and experienced Roy Yokelson at Antland Productions.

Dennis Mason is a non-union voice actor with his own home studio and can start working on your project today! When you need one (or more) accents for your next project call Dennis first... usually his "normal" voice will answer. He can deliver dry voiceover recordings in any format you choose; MP3, AIFF, WAV, mulaw, Dialogic VOX, overnight CD, you name it! He also has a phone patch for you to listen in and direct his reads, should you need to do so. Contact Dennis today for more information or for a custom audition of your script.